Where does great design come from?

Some (including myself) would argue that it is discovered, based on inspiration and intuition. But in the world of branding, which we all work in whether we recognize it or not, intuition is not enough. We need to be able to explain our decisions.

Take time to know why you make your creative decisions. A few articles to study to make better arguments:

  1. Color Theory – A great article from Carsonified about color communicating meaning.
  2. Design Layout – 40 Outside the Box Creative Design Layouts
  3. Typography – Speak Up article on good typography.
  4. Font Selection – Article on overcoming “Pick-a-Font Paralysis”
  5. Selecting the Perfect Image – 5 Steps to Finding the Perfect Image

In the end, it is often more about being able to articulate the WHY of our decisions than WHAT we chose. With a proven history of logical choices based on research, we will gain the freedom to make creativity based on intuition.

And as an aside, for those of us in the agency side of the business, consult your clients and account executives. (What?! Listen to our AE’s, those non-creative bastards who rain on our creative parades and cave to every whim of the client without regard to creative genius and aesthetic?)

Believe it or not, your AE can be your best friend in the creative process by conversing about competitive climate, client mood and taste and acquiring the creative history of an account. Consistent communication with an AE can make them into your greatest ally, getting you the resources you need for that project that has no budget, but if it did could kick ass. Which, in the end, makes you AND your AE a hero.

What processes do you use to ensure that you can be the most creative in a project without needing to bully the client?

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  • many words

    I love brands. I have specific ones that are favorites but I just like the idea of branding and differentiation.

    So I wanted to begin a discussion about the need for a more thoughtful brand-first mentality in the design field. My thesis is once we understand and know the brand, our creativity will flow naturally, easily and even predictively.